Andrew Rose

Currently employed as Supervision and Compliance manager for Northern Case Management Ltd. Andrew has over 8 years experience working with complex clients in the community who have complex needs and present with a range of behaviours of concern. He also has over 16 years experience in training and lecturing. Andrew has a background in psychology and information technology and has worked as a university psychology lecturer. After 8 years in academia Andrew decided to utilise his psychology training in an applied field by moving into brain injury case management for Northern Case Management in Bury.

Andrew worked as a case manager and behavioural trainer for over two years before being approached to work for the NSW government in Australia. Andrew was recruited to work as part of a specialist programme supporting very complex clients to live in the NSW’s community. Andrew worked as a senior clinical consultant in Australia for over 4 years working with clients with combinations of learning disabilities, multiple mental health diagnoses, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), drug and alcohol dependency and forensic backgrounds. Andrew specialised in working with the most complex clients and those who exhibit severe behaviours of concern. During his time in Australia Andrew increased his experience of developing positive behavioural management plans and writing risk assessments for extremely complex clients. Andrew also gained experience in managing clinical, case management and support staff teams and liaising with senior management teams in hospitals, the public guardians office, police and prison services. Andrew expanded his training experience by delivering training in Motivational Interviewing, ABI, positive behaviour support, problematic sexual behaviour and systemic dialectical behaviour therapy.

Andrew moved back into the field of ABI after being approached to work for an Australian brain injury neurorehabilitation company as their project development manager. Andrew has subsequently moved back to the UK and has taken up his current position with Northern Case Management.

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