Cathy Johnson

Catherine Johnson, B.Sc (Hons)., Dip.A.S.S., C.Q.S.W.

A registered social worker since 1975, Cathy initially specialised in working with people with mental disorders and learning disabilities. In 1984 Cathy became Senior Social Worker in the Institute of Neurological Sciences in Glasgow, Secretary of the West of Scotland Headway, and subsequently served on the Headway (Brain Injury Association) National Management Committee. A founder member of the Head Injuries Trust for Scotland, Cathy also managed the social work service to the Epilepsy Association in Scotland and the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice. In 1990 Cathy developed the ScotCare Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit in Lanarkshire and became Project Development Manager/Unit Director of the Kemsley Unit at St Andrews Hospital in Northampton and the Chief Executive of the Oakwood Cheshire Home in 1992.

In November 1995, Cathy set up an independent case management service. She is an elected member of the European Brain Injury and founder member and former chair of the British Association

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