Research Group

Chair : Jackie Chappel & Ben Holmes

Members : Jackie Dean,  Andrew Worthington, Jo Clark-Wilson,  Mark Holloway, Philippa Feltham-White 

The aims of the group  are as follows:

  • To promote the dissemination of and encourage research into Brain Injury and Case Management
  • To create an up to date reference list and database relevant to Brain Injury and Case Management
  • To review research proposals of members through a peer review process
  • To encourage case managers to write and to promote the work of the membership
  • To encourage the membership to consider options for further formal education and/or to write regarding their practice.
  • To support events that support people looking to write for publication.
  • To explore use of social media and the BABICM website to disseminate current research of interest to members

The research group is able to offer a “signposting” service, providing members with ideas as to how they may progress any research projects and can provide academic references of interest.

The group is open to approaches to talk about research projects and ideas of relevance to brain injury and brain injury case management.

The group is in the process of developing guidelines for submissions of articles to the BABICM website, which will be circulated to the membership in due course.

We encourage members to log into the website to view the latest research, some of which focuses exclusively on Brain Injury Case Management as well as the care of brain injured clients.


Call us on 0161 762 6440 Follow us on twitter @BABICMorg